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“Selling is not manipulating;
selling is harmonizing

— Jeffrey Gitomer   

I heard it again today in a meeting of
sales people. Someone mentioned an opening line to get past the “gate
keeper” in a business, and it was just made up and bogus. Right. So,
let’s start this great long-term business relationship with lies. . .
Sorry, it doesn’t make any sense to me. I cannot be that desperate to
find someone to talk to!

The quote above says it well: “Selling
is not manipulating; Selling is harmonizing!” So many sales people I
think are focused on the former and not the latter and that means that
they are focused on themselves and not the potential client. It’s all
about getting in, get the deal, get out and collect the commission to

Jeffrey Gitomer says, “questions lead to answers. Answers
lead to harmony. Answers lead to productivity. Answers lead to
customers.” Before we would ever have an opportunity to earn another
person’s business, we must find out if they even want anything! The best
way to do that is with questions.

I think sales people need to
think more about how they would feel with these kinds of “tactics.”
Would it be okay for someone to lie their way in? Or, how about cold
calling your business and trying to manipulate the conversation to get
information? Or trying to sell you anything without taking the time to
get to know you, your business and your needs?   


All Is NOT Good In Love And War, Or Sales. . .  


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