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“How much would it improve the quality of your life
if you could find a way to be “always up” despite, or even
because of, what was happening around you and to you?”
— Kirsty Dunphey
I ran across a person named Kirsty Dunphey on the Internet a few years ago. I don’t remember exactly how that came about, but she produces a newsletter about every week or so and I’ve now subscribed for probably three years. She lives in Tasmania, an island just below Australia, and she is an author, business owner and public speaker. I’ve also republished some of her pieces from her newsletter with her permission when one strikes a chord in me.
A few newsletters back, she made a statement and an offer which I thought was fascinating as I took her up on it. Basically she said that she knew I probably read the newsletter, but the chances were good that I had never read one of her two books. She was right. Her offer was to ship it for a flat $10 from Australia (this means the book is almost free because the shipping is almost that amount), allow time for me to read it, and then pay her what I think it was worth to me. I thought that was unique, so I immediately went for it. The book I chose is her latest and the title is, “Retired At 27; If I Can Do It Anyone Can.” (It is available on Amazon.com, or her website)
The book arrived this afternoon and I’ve already read more than one third of it, and it has some gems in it even at this early stage. One gem is that she was staying at a friends’ home in Sydney and at the end of the night they gathered for some dessert and drinks and her friend asked his girlfriend what the highlight and lowlight of her day had been. That led to a grand discussion of everyone’s day.
She calls what she learned from this the high, low and positive. It is common to be positive when talking about the highlight of your day, but when it comes to the lowlight, we could go into the dumper if we didn’t have a twist she added of asking what the positive aspects came from each of the lowlights mentioned.
She also mentioned that she is not one to keep a diary; however, she began writing down on purpose the highlight or highlights of her day–just a sentence perhaps, but acknowledging them for more memorable storage. She says that, “in looking for the bright moment each day, it guarantees that I appreciate the day for what it has been and that I am always looking to the positive.”
Finally, she says, “by making this a daily habit, I am making it permanent and I cannot think of a better thing to make permanent than seeing the joy in each day.” Bravo! I totally agree.
I’ve enjoyed a lot of what Kirsty has shared on her Internet sites. It is interesting to me how we find people that provide value to us and they may not even be aware. In Kirsty’s case, I’ve communicated that a couple times via email. I’m grateful that she has been bold enough to put her newsletter out there and to continue to send it over time. Thanks Kirsty! See more from Kirsty at www.kirstydunphey.com.
Positive Thinking Doesn’t Mean Negative Things Don’t Happen. It Is How We Respond To Them And How We View Those Things That Can Make It A Positive Thought Or Experience.
Spread Some Joy Today–Joy is rarely about what happens to us, and most often is about other people, and how we choose to see things. Seek joy everyday.
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