Daily Inspiration 11-14-18

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“There are certain things in life 
where you know it’s a mistake 
but you don’t really know it’s a mistake 
because the only way to really know it is a mistake 
is to make that mistake 
and look back and say, 
Yup, that was a mistake. 
So really, the bigger mistake 
would be
to not make the mistake 
because then you’ll go your whole life 
not really knowing 
if something is a mistake or not.” 

 — Ted Mosby, 
How I Met Your Mother 

[Classic post from 10-7-14]

Well, there ya go. . .

It’s Only A Mistake If You Think It’s A Mistake, Or If You Call It A Mistake. Or, You Could Call It An Experience! 

Spread Some Joy Today–Wednesday’s are always good for that task.

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