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“Retail gets slammed as stocks 
have second-worst week of year.”
First paragraph copy: 

 “. . .Fears that the holiday shopping season 
will be a dud tanked retail stocks.” 

— The Associated Press 
via The Daily Republic newspaper 11-14-15 

Wow. This is a big article and it is telling us all about the fears that have caused fearful actions of selling off stocks in fear of losing value, compounding the fear of them losing somewhat more value, along with the fear that they may not recover for a period of time. It goes on to tell of more losses: “The Dow Jones industrial average fell 202.83 points, or 1.2 percent, to 17,245.24.” Anyone remember when the Dow Jones was below 3,000?

Yesterday, I talked about that we all have the choice many times every day, even maybe hundreds of times each day to spread fear or love. What is this article spreading? The article didn’t stop with retail and pointing out several top retail chains and their stock erosion, it went on to hit the price of gold and oil, energy, government reports “compounding those worries,” even though the government report showed that spending was “up just 0.1 percent in October, a bit less than analysts expected.” Oh, those analysts. . . who do they think they are? How dare they! 

Ever heard the idea of self-fulfilling prophecy? How about spreading the fear of sales being down and then sales being down? Hmmm. It’s logical too, I suppose.

It wasn’t all bad news, but you had to dig for it if you even got past the headline and the first paragraph. In fact, it says that, “there will be a lot of gift giving, a lot of apparel sales. . . shoppers will spend plenty of money this holiday season,” mentioning TVs, smartphones and other large items.

If you were looking for positive notes, would you have even read this article? I doubt it. You might not even have picked up the newspaper in the first place for the newspaper has proven its attitude toward information since the beginning of newspapers. 

How many times might we be creating self-fulfilling prophecies in our own lives in other ways, and often they are negative prophecies? We can choose to make them positive and uplifting or not at will.

What if. . . What if nothing could go wrong? What if there was no such thing as failure? What if everyone lifted everyone up? What if we praised diversity instead of sameness? What if we loved each other? What if we respected each other? What if we realized that it was as easy as choosing? 

Heck, it might change the newspapers too. The new headline: Retail Sales Are Expected To Soar This Season. Shoppers Are Out In Force. Stores Are Stocked and Ready. There Is Plenty Of Money. Everyone Seems To Be Doing Very Well. Everyone Seems To Be Happy and Prosperous.

It’s A Wonderful Life! 

Spread Some Joy Today–Yes. Please. Joy. We love joy. Joy feels good. Yes. Let’s spread some more of that. Yes, please!

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