Daily Inspiration 11-14-13

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“You cannot worry about someone

and love them at the same time.

Most people mistake the emotion of worry

for the emotion of love.

They think that worrying about somebody

means that you love them.”

“Worrying is using your imagination

to create something you don’t want.”


— Abraham, Ester Hicks

Worry is not love, it is fear. There is no fear in love. So worry has no place there. It reminds me of this powerful quote from Eckhart Tolle, where he says, “suffering needs time. It cannot survive in the now.” Worry is suffering and suffering or worrying needs time. It needs the past and the future. It has no place in the now. It thrives on past experience, past judgment, future projection, personal movie and script making.

Next time you are worrying about anything, stop in your tracks and consider your emotions. Consider how you feel and I think you will find that none of it is positive. Try letting the worry go as if you are letting go of a rope you’ve been pulling. As you let it go, you will feel relief. You’ll realize that you’ve been using past experiences and thoughts to create a negative situation in the future. By letting go, you release all of that and have the opportunity to just relax and allow more positive thoughts to take charge.

You may instinctively react, but with your awareness, you can stop, and change direction. This will keep you on the path you were intending all along.

Love Is Allowing. Love Is Letting Go Of The Rope. Love Is Caring Without Needing To Control. Love Is Allowing.

Spread Some Joy Today–Do something to treat yourself today. You ALWAYS deserve it.

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