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“The privilege of a lifetime
is being who you are.” 

–Joseph Campbell 

I cannot think of many other statements than this one by Joseph Campbell that express the magnificence of life as we know it. We may not always appreciate our lives in this way, but we are certainly worthy of that appreciation.

Wayne Dyer in his book, Living An Inspired Life, states that “it’s imperative to eliminate self-perceptions that might cloud our vision or makes us question our Divine magnificence. . . If we want to move from disenchantment to inspiration, or from apathy and indifference to passion and enthusiasm, then it’s necessary to alter our awareness of ourselves.” 

A Course in Miracles, states in lesson 94 of the workbook an empowering thought for peace within: “I am as God created me.”

In all of these thoughts, here is a wonderful affirmation to print out and put on your bathroom mirror, or on you wall, in your purse, or wallet. It is three huge words:

I Am Enough. 

How often do we allow our ‘monkey mind’ to say how many ways we may not be enough. Words and phrases like ‘should,’ ‘could.’ ‘need to,’ ‘ought to,’ drag us away from being enough. It might be saying that we aren’t slim enough, not smart enough, have made poor decisions in the past, wishing we were healthier, could fit into clothes we still have in our closet but haven’t been able to wear for years, have the wrong job, don’t make enough money, and the list is pretty much endless left to our monkey mind’s own devices.

Let me affirm: I am enough. I am as God created me. 

Whether we believe that this life is the only life we will ever have, or that we have been here many times and many more to come experiencing all manner of lives, in either case, to affirm that we are enough and that we are as God created us, and accept our Divine magnificence, and appreciate the privilege of being who we are at this time in this life, are among the most worthy thoughts we could state as true for us. 

I think that is what an affirmation is. It is a statement of truth for us, even though we may have been ignoring it for some time, or simply forgotten it temporarily. In any case, affirming your Divine truth will bring you back to your magnificence in short order.

You Are Enough. You Are As God Created You. You Are Magnificent. 

Spread Some Joy Today–as you know it is your own true natural state.

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