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“No one improves by accident.
Personal growth doesn’t just happen on its own.
And once you’re done with formal education,
you must take complete ownership of the growth process,
because nobody else will do it for you

— John C Maxwell   

No one improves by accident and
personal growth doesn’t just happen on its own. How true. I’ve studied
quite a number of famous and not so famous successful people and in
every case they have taken 100% control of their learning and personal

When I was a child and read and heard about Abraham
Lincoln and how he sought out and devoured every book he could get his
hands on in a time when finding books was a serious challenge. He would
be so astonished at the availability of learning materials today that
are available to most people on the planet.

In grade school I was
so excited about learning, and then in junior high and high school, I
was much more interested in fitting in, or trying to. My real education
didn’t take off until it was no longer required. I was out of school,
out of the Air Force and at age 22 ready to make my way in the business
world. My learning skyrocketed then, and has never stopped. Though I did
not graduate from college, in my Linked-in profile, I state this as my
education: Masters, Philosophy, Sales Management, at University of
Self-Education Studies. I am proud to go to that University where the
students never graduate. Instead, they are lifelong students.

have grown on purpose because I want to know, and I want to understand
so much. I want that for me. For you, it might be something else
entirely. It’s all good. We each have our own way to dealing with the
idea of learning and personal growth. I grew up around people who gave
up learning and growing and instead focused on drama. I could not wait
to escape the gravitational pull of that and get myself into a different

Timing may be an issue too. There were many dry spots in
my own personal growth where I found myself feeling the friction of the
atmosphere surrounding me, but I awakened from that pattern a grateful
man, reminded once again, that I am in charge of my own growth by my own
choice and desire.   


‘No Wind Favors Him Who Has No Destined Port.”
— Michel de Montaigne 


Spread Some Joy Today–Wherever you are and whatever you do, the
only thing that really matters is that you are enjoying yourself.
Learning, loving, sharing, working, growing. The joy that you get when
you are excited about life and living is the most powerful attractive
quality you could possess.
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