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“We all make too much of all of this. 
It is simpler than we all make it out to be. 
Be easy about it. 
Be kind to yourself. 
Do things that feel fun. 
Look for things that bring you relief, 
and just easily move into that place 
where all things that you want 
have already been lined up for you.” 
— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

I think we are all perfect right where we are. We are not broken. We are not separated from God because God is in every thing and non-thing, and that would include us. It’s true that we may not be paying attention, but we cannot be separated. You’re good. Start there. Every day. Start there. You are loved. I love you. God can do nothing but love you for God is Love. You are love. Start there. Every day. Start there.

A couple days ago, I said I just started reading Intentional Living by John C. Maxwell. The subtitle to the book is Choosing a Life That Matters. Today I was reading aloud and came to page 46 and read this: “When you embrace each of these four elements, you increase your odds and opportunities for significance. If you live out all four of them in your significance journey, you can be assured that you will truly live a life that matters.”

As I read that, it was like I received a shock, and I thought about what he had just said. I get what he is saying. I have 225 pages to go so there is a lot about learning how to be significant. I’ve read so many books like this that have the 14 principles, 7 action steps, 10 road signs, and these 4 elements. There’s so much to it, we might need a Ph.D. to qualify. [a little levity…]

I love John’s work. I’ve read so many of his books. I am always reading something new to learn something new to share something cool or interesting or fun or magical.

BUT, you and I are absolutely cool just the way we are. There is not anything wrong in us or with us. We are perfect in every way. I get excited about learning or reading something, at the same time, I take what resonates and leave the rest. I think that the value of any learning is how it helps us to re-member or reconnect with our own power, our deeper inner knowledge, our total connection with God (or whatever word or phrase feels good to you), and our own significance.

His subtitle, Choosing a Life That Matters is cool, but you and I already matter. We don’t need to choose to matter. It is already done. We matter just because we exist. We don’t need another reason or any rules. We matter. And, we are significant. We don’t need any coaching or mentoring to be significant. We are significant because we exist. That is all the reason we need.

Don’t get me wrong, this really isn’t anything negative about John’s book. I’m only using some things here to make my point. There is a lot of value in his book and I’ve already gleaned some, and I’m sure more as I continue to read. But, as Abraham, Esther Hicks so perfectly and matter-of-factly says, “we all make too much of all of this. It is simpler than we all make it out to be. Be easy about it.” Yes. Love yourself. Love others. Laugh often. Make fun of yourself. Enjoy your moments. Live.

Then, when you feel like reading some tips and thoughts from me or anyone, see if any of it resonates with you and then appreciate that resonance. If it doesn’t, just let it go on its way.

We Are All Perfect Exactly The Way We Are Right Now. 

Spread Some Joy Today–What joy there is in realizing that you are joy.

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