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“Few things prompt a person to
follow through like accountability.
One of the ways you can do that
is to make your goals public

— John C Maxwell   

In my continuing personal observations
of John C Maxwell’s new book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, I saw
this quote above in the chapter on the second law, the Law of Awareness.
Have you ever seen this or a similar message somewhere, or been told
that this is a good strategy?

I’ve seen it many times and it has
never really worked for me. The idea is that others will help keep you
on track of what you say you want to do. And, they might for a while,
but generally not for long. In fact, at least in my experience, that
this strategy was harder on me than failing to follow through. I really
didn’t need the additional pressure and it was a negative.

philosophy based on my own successful follow through is that it just has
to be between me and me. It has to rise to the level that it doesn’t
matter at all what anyone else thinks about what I’m going to or
committed to doing. It only matters that I do it for myself.

don’t need a support group or any other crutch or pressure, what I need
is to see myself where I want to be and to become it but moving into
that picture. If I decide to lose 20 lbs., I need not announce that to
the world, but to see myself 20 lbs. lighter and how that feels and how I
look and then become it by moving into that picture. It must be for my
reasons, for me alone so the change will become entirely personal.

I’m going to write a book, having a cheering section, or a progress
oversight committee, is counterproductive. I just need to do it. The
important things I actually succeed at doing, others found out about
long after it was up and running.        


Knowing What I Want Is A Good Motivator, Deciding To Act Is A
Helpful Second Step, But Knowing WHY And That Being Important To Me
Creates The Discipline To Do It.


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