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“The guy says, 
“I wish someone would come by and turn me on.”
What if they don’t show up?”
— Jim Rohn
“If. . . I have lost every other friend on earth, 
I shall at least have one friend left, 
and that friend shall be down inside of me.”
— Abraham Lincoln
“The deepest principle in human nature 
is the craving to be appreciated.”
— William James
“We increase whatever we praise.
The whole creation responds to praise, and is glad.”
— Charles Fillmore

[Classic post from 1-13-10]

I just love Jim Rohn’s quote above. Indeed, what if they don’t show up? Great question. He says, “you gotta have a better plan for your life.” He’s absolutely right. And William James is exactly right as well–at least in all I know personally–that we pretty much all crave appreciation. If not you, I know I do. There is absolutely nothing that fires me up more than appreciation and encouragement. It’s better than money and lasts a lot longer too.

But, in our quest for appreciation, what if they don’t show up?

Let’s say you do something special that you haven’t done in a while like making a special dinner for a loved one, or sprucing yourself up on the outside, or creating a romantic situation, or any number of interesting things. You probably do it mainly because you feel like it. You’re motivated for some reason. You’re not really looking for appreciation (so you say. . .), but yet, you are expecting a positive response. Then, it happens. They miss it completely, or they say something stupid, or they are just oblivious. Heck, it has happened to me many times.

It is so typical in those situations to feel spent, unappreciated, disappointed and other emotions. Hey, stuff happens, right? You might even feel a little silly doing it in the first place.

All you need is some appreciation. What if they don’t show up?

Don’t throw in the towel. You’re motivated, excited and interested. Stay on that track! It’s the right track. Now it is time to think a bit differently and have a better plan for your life. Here’s the plan: From now on, do it for you! Don’t do it for someone else expecting a return. Do it for you and if someone else responds nicely to it, that can be a side benefit, but not the goal. If they respond poorly, you don’t really care because you did it for you, not them. That is a plan that will work! I guarantee it!

I love Abraham Lincoln’s quote about being his own best friend. Self-esteem is of primary importance. Let me repeat that: Self-esteem is of primary importance.

Here’s a good way to get started: Praise yourself! Love yourself! Pamper yourself! Be a friend to yourself. Say only good, uplifting and flattering things to yourself. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks if you think highly of yourself. If you think lowly of yourself, then it only matters what others think. Not so good for you. What if they don’t show up? What if they give you crap? Let that go away.

Charles Fillmore said above that “we increase whatever we praise.” Don’t we know it is true? So get the praise machine dusted off and plug it in. Turn it on high and feel the breeze! We’re praising now! Lifting ourselves up! Shining like a bright star! Feeling good! Get on with your shiny self! If anybody deserves it, it’s you! Don’t be saving it up for some rainy day. Let it all out. That bucket will never run dry. Trust me!

What if they don’t show up? Indeed. We don’t need them to show up. We got it going on right here, right now!

That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

I Am A Shining Example Of God’s Creative Talent! He Only Made One Of Me! That’s All Right By Me! And, He Did A Fine Job Too!

Spread Some Joy Today–Get that smile going from ear to ear. Get that look of total confidence back in your eyes. Get that worthiness back in your step. Keep that kindness in your heart. Help someone else feel better about themselves today. Just because you want to share the feeling you have. It’s all about the love!

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