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Today’s Note from the Universe

“Do you realize, Terry, 
there’s something even better 
than having a loving Universe 
conspire on your behalf? 


Being that Universe. 

And you are. 

Yours truly, 

The Universe” 
(aka Mike Dooley) 

I’ve been receiving my daily Note from the Universe from www.tut.com for many years now, and it is only recently that I was instructed that below the signature, there is a secondary comment regarding the message, and today’s secondary comment is this: “Whose day shall we make today, Terry? After yours, of course.” Obviously, since I am now being the Universe, I have the power to make that happen.

As I sat there staring at the screen in wake-up mode, I thought, “what a wonderful, delightful question!” Whose day shall I make today? Can I make someone’s day today? What about just touching someone’s day today? Or doing something for someone today? Or simply giving someone some attention today? Absolutely! It will be fun! Let’s do it!

So, as the message said, “after yours, of course.” I think it is good to remember that we are someone too! Why not make our own day. . . Today is Veteran’s Day, so finding a veteran and giving them some attention would be good. But, wait! I’m a veteran! But, even better, we can make our own day of the year too. Not just a birthday, or Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, but George’s Day, Joan’s Day, Alisa’s Day, Joe’s Day, Frank’s Day, Cecilia’s Day, Allison’s Day, Tony’s Day, Becky’s Day, Paul’s Day, and well. . . I don’t have the space to list all of you, but making your own day makes sense to me. And, why stop at one day? Why not two. Or three. Or four? How about one a month–12 days. It could be the Twelve Days of Jessee, or the Twelve Days of Tammy, or Gretchen, Shirley, James, Kathryn. I love it!

Now that we’ve picked our own day or days, let us get our little task list out or our calendar and make a note for today: Give someone some extra love and attention today! Then begin your day thinking about all the people in your daily life near and far who you can choose from to lavish some love on. Maybe it will be a stranger or a new person you meet, someone you haven’t thought of in years and you now feel the urge to reach out. Maybe it’s someone in your office that you’ve sat next to day in and day out and have never said anything higher than chit-chat, and other numbifications.

You have so many to choose from! A wealth of possibilities! It should be easy enough with all of those choices. Heck, you might even go for two! Or three! Or more.

What do you suppose is going to take place in that other person’s life after you do your deed today? 

I’ll Bet It Is A Little Bit Of Joy! 

Spread Some Joy Today–do it today. Now.

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