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“Life waits not for your understanding. 
It calls for your appreciation.” 
— Alan Cohen 

As I have traveled through many, many books on spirituality, living in the now, and many other entanglements, I see how many different ways there are to look at the same sort of thing. Each perspective, or way of explaining things is interesting and some actually are quite helpful, others not so much.

It all kind of came together with the quote above. As much as I have tried to understand things that I wasn’t taught before, I find so many answers that I almost forget the questions. So, whenever something is so simple as the quote above, I revel in its wisdom, and I have learned that real wisdom is always simple.

Life isn’t waiting for my understanding of it. Yet, Alan is right on, to me at least, in that life calls for my appreciation.

It has been written a long time ago that God is love. Somehow I know this without it having to be said, and appreciation and love are in unison.

Keeping it simple, then, as I allow myself, encourage myself, allow the spirit within me to rise, I find myself in such a state of appreciation. I said some time back that the best state to live in is appreciation, and as I appreciate, I find more to appreciate, and then more and more until my cup runneth over with love and appreciation.

To take this down to the very simplest idea for living a great life is to learn how to appreciate all that is around us. If something isn’t pleasing to us, we can turn and find something to appreciate. Then, also, as we do that, those unpleasing things soon take on a different look.

Life Might Call For My Appreciation, But I Know Life RESPONDS To My Appreciation. 

Spread Some Joy Today–in appreciation of your own joy.

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