Daily Inspiration 11-11-13

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“Every new day is a once in a lifetime event.

How much more exciting would our lives be

if we embraced this truth and lived accordingly?!”

— Steve Mariboli

I went to bed extra early last night and didn’t do this Daily Inspiration until this morning. As my feet touched the floor in getting out of bed, the thought came to me that today is a completely new day. I have never seen, or experienced this day. Whatever that has gone before need not influence it, and yet it so often does. We are carrying all that load from days gone by into this brand new day.

So I thought, what would it be like to really recognize this new day as a huge gift–say, a gift from God or the Universe, that it was specially made just for me, and that all that went before need not affect it in any way or I can allow that if I like as my sole responsibility to choose? What would that be like?

I saw several quotes about the new day. Here’s a few more by Steve Mariboli for your pleasure:

“A new day:

Be open enough to see opportunities.

Be wise enough to be grateful.

Be courageous enough to be happy.”

Today is a new day.
It’s a day you have never seen before
and will never see again.

Stop telling yourself

the ‘same crap, different day’ lie!

How many days has that lie stolen from you?
Seize the wonder and uniqueness of today!”

Participate in your dreams today.

There are unlimited opportunities available with this new day.

Take action on those wonderful dreams

you’ve had in your mind for so long.

Remember, success is something

you experience when you act accordingly.”

“Each New Day Greets Us With No Rules Except For The Rules We Place On It. Greet This New Day With Open Arms And Endless Possibility.” — Steve Mariboli

Spread Some Joy Today–Allow the majority of your thoughts today to cause a smile to brighten your face. Make feeling good your number one priority today. Try it even if for only today.

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