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Thought vs Action Controversy Week
“The person we believe ourselves to be
will always act in a manner
consistent with our self-image.”
— Brian Tracy
Driving downtown today, I listened to a radio commercial about hormonal imbalance and how this system will get you into balance so you can lose weight when all else has failed. In fact, the dieting industry–and it is indeed an entire and huge industry–has a crazy long list of different diet programs that are guaranteed to get results that the other diets have failed to do and blah, blah, blah, blah.
Want to lose weight? Stop eating. It is guaranteed to work, but just like every other kind of diet like low carb, no carb, no starch, calorie counting, Atkins, South Beach, North Woods, Deep Lake and all those others, they only work for a while on MOST people. On some it works for a while longer.
And, of course, you know how much effort and even cost is involved in any of these diets, whether you’re starving yourself of food, or just the foods you really, really like the best. Sacrifice is painful. It is WORK, commitment, nose to the grindstone, on the treadmill at 8, gym after work, and more. Whew! I’ve lost a pound just writing it.
Yet, the only thing that will keep the weight where it is said to be wanted in the new and improved us, is a new self-image or picture we hold of ourselves in that new place, and then holding focus on that image, enlisting belief. This is nothing at all but thought.
It is how we think about ourselves and how we imagine ourselves to be that we are. A diet could only change that for a small period, then if we haven’t changed our self-image, or thoughts, we will be right back matching our previous thinking. This happens all the time with people trying to lose weight through effort.
The key is that it doesn’t require effort, or a special plan, or menu. The key is seeing yourself where you want to be and loving yourself in the meantime.
And, this doesn’t just apply to diets, but applies in our work, our hobbies, our home life too. Think your way to where you want to be and the effort will be effortless.
“What Does A Thought Look Like? Just Look Around You, Right Now. . . To See Yours.” — Mike Dooley
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