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“If you travel alone, you can probably go faster.
But the journey will never be as rewarding,
and you probably won’t be able to go as far.”

– John Maxwell

I used to do everything myself. I used to think about what I was going to do. The key phrase is “used to.” Now I include others and it is a whole different result and benefit.

Two years ago, I started a consulting business. I didn’t want to do it alone. So, I found a person that I thought a lot of and believed in and gave him half of my business. Some might think that I was crazy to give away 50% of my business. To me, I thought I might gain 50% more than I had. That has proven to be more like 200% more than I had. There is a synergy effect (1 + 1 = 3) when you find complimentary minds to add to your own. It was the best decision without a doubt.

This has led to a “partnering mentality” in our business. We are constantly open to and seeking like-thinking minds to join with and thereby create more synergy in our own business while creating a synergy effect in their business or life. Matter of fact, my ambition is to have hundreds of partners in this same method, each growing their own success, while each of us increasing our success as a related group.

It sounds strange, but it is much like the more you give away, the more you have. I liken it to having 10% of 100 million or 100% of ten million. I’ll take the 10% for sure. Matter of fact, that is my number. I want to own 10% of 100 highly successful businesses, having helped many, many people to have their own business and to grow and thrive. These businesses would do a wide range of things. There it is. That is my major ambition in life–to achieve this result. It’s the first time I’ve publicly stated it.

But, it’s not me. It is us. We are achieving this in very small ways already, and working toward the larger picture as we grow and learn ourselves. I can tell you that this is very satisfying to think about. I love the entrepreneurial spirit. I love the idea of companies sharing ownership with their interested and motivated team members. There is something special about it.

Of course, I am relating this to business, but the quote above can easily relate to sharing anything in your life with others and have a more rewarding experience. That’s what the idea of marriage is, team sports, golf, church, clubs and organizations, schools and colleges, and more.

If you agree with the quote, how can you share or partner with others to create synergy? What organizations can you contribute to? How can you grow your business by ‘giving away’ portions of it? How can you share with others so that you both benefit and in so doing create something even larger or better? There are so many ways. I am doing it now with this writing.

Find some ways to share yourself with others that creates value and benefit to both while creating something larger together. Find some ways to share and create joy. Multiple joys even!

Helping Others Succeed Is Ultimately Self-Serving!

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