Daily Inspiration 11-10-14

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“So I’m curious, my fellow creators. 

Since you and I are in charge 
of making a New Earth– 
not just breaking down the dying culture– 

where do we begin? 

What stories do we want 
at the heart of our experiments? 

What questions will be our oracles? 

Here’s what I say: 

In the New Earth we’re creating, 
we will ridicule the cult 
of doom and gloom, 
and embrace the cause 
of zoom and boom. 

We laugh at the stupidity 
of evil and hate; 
we will summon the brilliance 
to praise and create. 

No matter how upside down 
it all may appear, 
we will have no fear, 

because we know this big secret: 

All of creation is conspiring 
to shower us with blessings. 

Life is crazily in love with us– 
brazenly and innocently 
in love with us.” 

— Rob Brezsny 

Yes, and amen!

“All Creation Is Conspiring To Shower Us With Blessings.” — Rob Brezsny 

Spread Some Joy Today–please.

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