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“Your vision will become clear
only when you look into your heart.
Who looks on the outside, dreams.
Who looks on the inside, awakens.

— Carl Jung   

I have many mentors that don’t know I
even exist. They’ve never met me, know nothing of me, and I have never
met them, yet many of them are my mentors. Abraham Lincoln, Wallace
Johnson, Colonel Sanders, Ray Kroc, Jim Rohn, James Allen, Andrew
Carnegie, are just a few of them. They are all dead and mentor me still.
One who is alive that mentors me especially in the attribute of
leadership is John C Maxwell. I love to hear him, and watch him, though
I’ve never seen him in person. I am a student of his and have been since
I first was handed a copy of Developing The Leader Within You. It was a
brilliant and valuable gift.

John’s newest book was just
released last month, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. I just bought the
book this morning, but before I did, I watched a 90 minute webcast with
John C Maxwell where he talks about 5 of the laws in the book. His
storytelling is somewhat different live than in writing, and I enjoyed
it immensely. I’ll give you a link at the end just in case anyone would
also like the opportunity to watch this.

So after this webcast
and reading part of the book, I’ve had lots of views of my past and
random thoughts that were stirred. One prominent one came from the quote
above, which I find fascinating to consider. I was taken back to 1972
and my first “career-type” position where I became an automobile
salesperson. I had just left the Air Force and didn’t have any interest
in a job. I wanted a career. I liked cars, was previously a mechanic and
liked the idea of wearing suits and selling them, though I was not the
normal salesman type.

It was okay. I enjoyed it, but didn’t love
it. My dream was to be a teacher, but I wasn’t qualified to do that, yet
I saw the sales manager role at the dealership more as a teacher and
less like a drill instructor. So, I got excited about my vision and set a
goal to do just that. My vision became clear to me when I looked into
my heart, knew what I wanted to do and decided to find a way to achieve
it. I was focused and it only took two years to get there.

As a
result of that vision, I changed the image of the sales manager to match
my own vision and I was smitten with something I’ve done most of my
life in various ways. It affects me yet as a business owner.

last thing to consider about this was also in John’s book. I’ll leave
you with this statement on the previous page from the quote above to

“I believe it’s very important not only to know what
you want to do, but also why you want to do it.” On this statement, I
agree completely. It continues to make all the difference in my own

For webcast, go to http://www.15lawsofgrowth.com/index.php and sign up. It’s free. Oh, buy the book too. It is going to help a lot–no matter where you are in your travels.     


Consider Why You Do What You Do And How It Affects What You Give To It And Get From It.


Spread Some Joy Today–Learning something new or more is joyous for
me. It excites my whole day even from just a fresh understanding.
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