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but disadvantaged at bottom.” 

— Front page headline from 
Daily Republic newspaper, 
Fairfield CA 

Many, many years ago, I used to read the newspaper for news and to get the latest crises firmly implanted in my memory. Then, for many years, I never even bothered taking one or reading one. In the last few years, I’ve taken the local paper, primarily to see if any of our clients are in there with ads, or write-ups, or other mentions that we may blog about, and the best reason I take it and actually go through it every day is to laugh.

I need laughter. I crave laughter. And, I find a lot to laugh at and with in the newspaper. Take the headline above this morning for example. When I read this, and it was bold enough that it would be impossible to miss, I burst out laughing and every time I think about it now an hour later even, I laugh more. It’s hilarious!

Leave it to the newspaper to restate the obvious: “Internet access climbs.” Well, duh! Are you serious? I’m not even going off the path thinking of asking what it is climbing, but that is funny too, yet the obvious increase in Internet exposure and growth is a no-brainer to pretty much everyone, I’m sure.

Then, they continue to state the obvious saying, “but disadvantaged at the bottom.” So, I ask myself: Self–where are the disadvantaged supposed to be? At the top? Seems obvious to me that disadvantaged means less advantage, less of anything and everything. If they were anywhere else, they would be advantaged, I’m thinking. Anything that is ‘dis’d’ is always below, right? They could even be disproportionately disadvantaged. I’m sort of assuming this is what the newspaper meant. Seems obvious the way the headline is stated.

I tried to read the article, but the obvious just got blatantly obvious, and so I moved to the sub-titled article: “Survey: Keeping in touch top reason for going online.” Hmmm. Not nearly as funny, but certainly it is also obvious.

Then the next front page article: “Time for Clinton, Trump to keep calm, debate on.” Well, hey, there’s some media humor. The next debate? is on tonight. Yippie! Let’s get sloshed! I’m sure it will be funnier than the headlines today. . .

When You’re Not Giving Your Attention To Crises Anymore, You Will Find Humor Everywhere! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by laughing as much and as often as you can today. Let’s call it, Laughter Sunday! It might brighten your upcoming Monday morning!

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