Daily Inspiration 10-9-13

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“To ignore the unexpected

(even if that were possible)

would be to live without opportunity,

spontaneity, and the rich moments

of which life is made.”

— Stephen Covey

Planning has always been in my mind, even when I procrastinated until time was short. However, for the last many years, I have been more allowing of the unexpected, or acting more on impulse. I might call someone to have lunch on the spot or something like that. The only thing that I have found is that many people are not so spontaneous. So, I have to consider being on my own, or perhaps I will meet someone new.

I have to say that it is more interesting, very erratic sometimes, but ultimately most enjoyable. The more I do this, the more free and alive I feel. I’m even trying much of it in my business life with good results.

Spurring The Spur Of The Moment? It’s Rather Like Letting Go Of The Oars On The River. Going With The Flow.

Spread Some Joy Today–When you enjoy your own company, joy is so easily spread.

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