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“Put off anything you don’t need for launch.
Build the necessities now,
worry about the luxuries later.
If you really think about
there’s a whole lot you
don’t need on day one.”

— Jason Fried & David
Heinemeier Hansson
from the book,

As I was reading another very short 2 page chapter
in the book, Rework, I loved the idea of this chapter title, Launch Now! or Get
It Out There. It reminded me of a story I heard many years ago that I’ve never
forgotten that goes along with this idea.
The story I heard many years ago was brilliant. It
still is. They built an apartment complex with several buildings and they built
the buildings and necessities, yet they purposely left out the walkways to and
from the buildings and other areas such as laundry rooms. They wanted to see
what the traffic patterns that people chose themselves. After several weeks, the patterns
were obvious, and so they built the walkways accordingly. What an interesting
way to do something.
If you think about it, there is no way that
anything could actually be completely finished prior to launch, and even if that
were possible, it would not be long before upgrades are needed, new features, or
other adjustments. Nowadays they call those version 1, 2, 3, 4 5. They just
launched the iPhone 5 and I’m sure it is quite different from the iPhone
In our business, we began. We learned as we went.
We got better. We changed the way we did things. We ended up changing our entire
approach and business model, and began again anew. Since that renewed beginning,
there have been several improvements and changes, adding features and benefits
and more. I’m sure there will be many more to come in time.
I think it is a good approach to give it your best
shot that you have at the moment and be ready to make changes and adjustments.
Stick with flexibility and a willingness to change, while continuing to move
forward. Yet the real key is to get it out there, or to get moving.

It Doesn’t Go Anywhere Until You Ship It.

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