Daily Inspiration 10-9-11

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Leadership Week
“Lead the way by personal example
and by personal philosophy.”
— Jim Rohn
“Leadership is much more an art, a belief,
a condition of the heart,
than a set of things to do.”
— Max DePree
I was at a small conference tonight of a Christian religious organization and the keynote speaker was a female Chaplain for several police agencies and has been doing this for many years. I loved her talk because she spoke my language. Where many Christians talk about going out and saving souls, leading people to Christ and such, she said that couldn’t work in her profession. She said that she deals with people from all walks of life and usually they are in pain, confusion or despair, and that she has to be all religions and yet none. She said that she maintains her beliefs because they are important to her, and yet she must allow that to be set aside at least temporarily in order to be a servant to those souls that are in need in front of her. She does this with love, respect, encouragement, and a servants heart, and she knows that God is with her. And, based on my reading of the Bible, that is exactly what Jesus did.
Max DePree’s quote above says something so similar, along with Jim Rohn, both of whom are in my much respected category. I would rate Max DePree’s book, The Art of Leadership as the most important book on leadership I’ve ever read. I’ve read it many times and bought and gave away at least a hundred copies. You can read it in one sitting and for the rest of your life as well. And Jim Rohn is all about leadership in one way or another.
As they indicate, I also think that you lead by your personal example, your personal philosophy (your beliefs), and your heart, as a servant to those you lead. Some of the tools that come in that bag of assets are enthusiasm, inspiration, conviction, and interestingly enough, flexibility. I inspire (lead) others with my personal example, my philosophy, my conviction, my enthusiasm, and my attitude, or heart. I also think that it is something that we all do in varying degrees. We can do more of it with a willingness to step out and risk a little of ourselves, and then practice the art of leadership often–even when no one is following.
We Are More Than We Generally Allow Ourselves To Be, So Relax, Let Go, Be More Of You. That’s Leadership As Well.
Spread Some Joy Today–Feel yourself becoming more of a leader when you encourage others. If that feels good, do more of it.
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