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“. . . what, then, is the meaning of “fighting against circumstances?” It means that a man is continually revolting against an effect without, while all the time he is nourishing and preserving its cause in his heart.”

– James Allen, As A Man Thinketh**

We are taught to fight, fight, fight–to fight against crime, drugs, cancer, communists, city hall, homelessness, disease, and a few hundred other things. Of course, they constantly change.

The interesting thing is–and this is not taught in school or the media–is that you get more of what you think about and especially that which you give emotion to. The subconscious mind does not understand “not,” or even “is.” It just accepts what you give it. Consequently, fighting against something creates more of it, not less. As an example, the “war on drugs” has not reduced drugs, but has actually given more attention to drugs. The fight against cancer has not reduced cancer, but cancer has increased. So, we fight harder. . . to no avail.

We are taught that to create what we want, we must take away all the things we don’t want. We have learned from years of training to look at all the things we do not want and to be unhappy (give emotion) about that condition. Just pick up a newspaper or turn on a TV or radio news program and it will show that we relish what is wrong. We love to fight against circumstance. We have been well trained in what’s real. “. . . While all the time he is nourishing and preserving its cause in his heart.”

We have it backward.

What we need to do is focus on what we do want rather than what we don’t want. Don’t fight disease, instead, focus on health. Don’t talk about the down economy, instead, focus on prosperity, etc. When you look around you, notice what is right and “good” rather than what is wrong and “bad.” Find things to be grateful and joyous about rather than things to be unhappy and resentful of. I guarantee it will change your life as if you had a whole new life. What good is the other way after all? Has it helped you at all? It didn’t help me.

It’s time to soar! Never fear! You can always go back to the old way. . . well, I seriously doubt that once you soar that the old way will have any value to you.
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