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“Sometimes I lie awake at night

and ask, ‘why me?’

Then a voice answers

nothing personal,

your name just happened to come up.”

— Charles M Schulz

Do we need to be reminded that we take everything so seriously–especially ourselves? The answer is YES! At least until we cease the seriousness.

There’s nothing quite like having someone close to you die to remind you that life is not only short, but that all the problems and situations, hard feelings, misunderstandings, sour looks, or other such nonsense, is exactly that–nonsense. As soon as that person is gone, all of the important reasons for holding on to that stuff is completely gone. It is not only no longer important, we often may think how we thought it was important to begin with.

At least two or three other people on the planet have less money than you, more bills than you, lost their job a long time ago, lost their home, all their possessions, perhaps even family members. And here we are brooding over nonsense.

All we need is a change of attitude and attitude is simply how you choose to see your life and relate to where you are in it.

A while back I suggested an affirmation that has made a huge difference for me and at least of couple others I know. It is, “things are always working out for me.” Regardless of what is happening, simply say aloud, to yourself, to the world, “things are always working out for me.” Maybe embellish it a bit: “You know, I don’t understand it. Crap is falling all around me, and yet, it seems like through it all, things are always working out for me. I must be on somebody’s A-list!” And, just keep doing it. I’m sure in every day, you could find a place to say that affirmation many times. You will find it becoming true very quickly. I’m certain of it.

The other thing to remember that keeps us on track is to remember that God loves us all. Yes, all. It doesn’t matter what we’ve done, not done, plan to do, failed at, succeeded at, whatever. It’s just love. If we can remember that in all our seriousness, it will inject a bright and comforting squirt of sanity and peace.

One last tidbit. Humor. Charles Shultz again: “My life has no purpose, no direction, no aim, no meaning, and yet I’m happy. I can’t figure it out. What am I doing right?”

“Life Is Like A 10-Speed Bicycle. Most Of Us Have Gears We Never Use.” — Charles M. Shultz

Spread Some Joy Today–Be there. . . in the present. . . with a grateful heart and appreciation on your lips.

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