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“Good thoughts bear good fruit, bad thoughts bad fruit.”

– James Allen, As A Man Thinketh**

Labeling things ‘good’ and ‘bad’ is totally a judgement call of the person naming them. In reality, there is no such thing as good or bad, only results, circumstances, events and people. How we label that is totally up to how we think about them. It took me a long time to learn this, but it is a turning point, for sure.

I think what James Allen is saying so well in the quote above is that the fruit we create is an absolute and direct result of our choice of thoughts. We cannot think of things we do not want and get what we do want. Think about that for a moment or two.

Have you ever been broke, low on cash or had bill collectors calling you? You cannot think about those things all day and then expect prosperity. More than anything, prosperity is a mental attitude. It certainly is that prior to the money actually showing up.

How about thinking about all the things you dislike about your job and then expecting to get promoted or get recognized? That won’t fly. All you will get is more of what you are thinking about, so you will find more things to dislike about your job.

It was really hard for me to accept this concept at first, but I do now understand it and have gotten pretty good at implementing it; i.e., creating better results by changing my thinking about things. For example, instead of focusing on what I dislike about my job, I focus on what I do like about it. This allows me to be grateful. When I am grateful, I create joy for myself and I get more of what I like about my job to the point that what I previously didn’t like about my job fades away. Indeed, it not only fades away, but in my habitual gratitude, I find myself being grateful for things that I used to dislike, but no longer feel that way about.

I know that is a tough concept at first, and it is so true. Try it in earnest and you will agree. “Good thoughts bear good fruit, bad thoughts bad fruit.” Yes, and Amen!
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