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“Economies are prospered 
by people who remember abundance 
and keep it flowing 
because they recognize the all-sufficiency 
 of their economy and all of life.” 
— Alan Cohen 

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[Classic post from 5-9-15]

At the same time, economies will shrink from nothing more than forgetting about the abundance that is available and then living temporarily in fear. When hope returns, so does prosperity. It is far more in the mind than being real–on either side of this equation. It is perspective.

Alan Cohen suggests that one of the best ways to continuously have prosperity is by remembering and noting the prosperity you already have, and by focusing on and enjoying your current prosperity, more is always on its way to you.

This next paragraph from Alan is surely worth writing out, or better yet, by making your own list, and putting on your wall or keeping it close so that any time you may be feeling less than prosperous, you can pick it up, read, and remember:

“Money is just one small slice of the pie we call prosperity; if you focus on that one slice, whether it is there or not, you lose perspective and sight of the whole pie. Consider the many ways you are prosperous independent of the criterion of money: You may have a family you love and who loves you; dear friends; a devoted pet companion; rich nature around you or which you can visit; inspiring music, art, literature, and movies; a spiritual mentor or friends with whom you share a spiritual path; creative ideas; health; love; laughter; and on and on and on. If you think about it, you are very right indeed–right now!” 

We Are Always More Prosperous Than We Realize. It’s Good To Remember. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by spreading your prosperity consciousness.

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