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“God’s love and grace 
are not daunted
your fears, self-doubts, 
or dark fantasies. 

Grace seeks not to fix, 
but to affirm.” 

— Alan Cohen 

Have you ever heard someone telling you one or more things that are going wrong in their life, and then when they are done with their admission, you begin to itemize things that they can do to fix it (in your opinion, of course) only to have them reject each one in turn?

It seems to be a very common thing–one might even say, a natural thing–to try to help someone fix a problem. And, it seems that in these situations, we have many suggestions, perhaps even ones we have used ourselves in similar circumstances.

I’m certain that God never would see this situation this way. God would not offer solutions to a problem that doesn’t really exist. As Alan said at the beginning, “God’s love and grace. . . are not daunted.” Not daunted by any of our attempts to cover up the real higher selves that we are beneath the dribble of our fears, self-doubts, and more.

God’s love is unconditional. No matter what. This means that there is nothing, and no things that we could possibly do to dissuade God from loving us fully and completely.

This morning as I was looking at these wonderful quotes by Alan Cohen, I was also thinking about a song I wrote back when I was doing ‘church.’ It is a simple song with the title, Trust in the Lord. I posted the lyrics on 12-15-10 here.

As I was thinking about that and some of the readings of late, it seems to me that we pray a lot and trust very little. We hope a lot, and are certain very little. What would our lives be like if we really and truly trusted in God, in God’s grace, and God’s assurance, and especially in the depth of God’s unconditional love? Would we act differently? Would we fuss over these little fears, self-doubts, or dark fantasies? And, how would we interact with others? Would we be more supportive and not critical? Would we share the unconditional love with others that we feel from our Source?

This is not something we should do. It is something we can choose to do. The more I remind myself of that song, of the unconditional love I feel from time to time, of the presence I sometimes feel, the closer I get to trusting. Sometimes the silly cares of the day tend to get more of my attention, and this happens more because it is in my face at the moment than that I believe in it more. As the bridge of the song says, “when what I want may disagree,” not as if I’m actually arguing with God, but yet at the same time, I am. Then I come to my senses again and remember and then “I will pray and let it go, and trust in God.”

Alan Cohen adds, “If you could love yourself as God loves you, you would simultaneously become the Lover and the Beloved.” What a wonderful place to be.

So as I go through my day, the more I remember that I am loved, the more I will remember to love those in front of me. The more I remember that I am forgiven all, the more I will remember to forgive those in my life, in my business, in the world. The more I remember the Grace that is constantly given me, the more grace I will be able to give others.

And, That Makes My Day Pretty Dang Wonderful! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by trusting, injoying, sharing, loving.

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