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“Pour yourself into your product and everything
around your
product too: how you sell it, how you
support it, how you explain
it, and how you deliver it.
Competitors can never copy
the you in your product.”

— Jason Fried & David
Heinemeier Hansson
from the book,

In our company, we now have several years of
experience of talking to and working with business owners and managers from
about 80 types of businesses. Most are small businesses, and some are medium
sized. In addition, prior to this experience my team members and I have had a
lot of other business experience.
Based on all of that, we feel that we have the
knowledge and expertise to suggest better ways to succeed in a crowded market.
And, in every single case, without exception, it is as the quote above states:
to pour them into their product, service and everything that surrounds that. As
that is done and the better that is done, there is no longer any such thing as a
I don’t know where business people get the idea
that it is a good thing to look corporate and impersonal. To me, that is a turn
off. When I look at a website and cannot find any people on it, that is a site I
want to close and move on. Whether it is a car dealer, a body shop, a
restaurant, a bicycle shop, a flooring center, a dentist, doctor, funeral home,
accountant, or life coach, if the site doesn’t reflect people, or I cannot see
people, I don’t feel so comfortable.
The best way to set yourself apart is to be a
part–make yourself an integral part of what you do and how it is done. Talk
about your team and how special they are. Show off their wonderful human faces
and names. Show their phone numbers and let people call. Show them stories,
video. Show them what is special; what sets your business apart from the crowd,
and it is most likely going to come down to the people who work there, or answer
the phone, take your order, handle a complaint, and more.
Another thing. If the company has history, show it
off. Talk about the history, get people into the heritage of your business so
they can expand or have a connection with it and the people they will eventually
interact with.
One of the best things to help in this has been
facebook. Businesses are beginning to really see the light in exposing more on
facebook than ever before. I’m seeing what were once ultra conservative
companies beginning to loosen up and share photos, stories, and also to interact
with other people from around the globe.
If you want to show how you’re different, better,
cool, great, then pour yourself and your people into it and it will make a big
difference. Just think how Dave Thomas put Wendy’s on the

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