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Leadership Week
“Good people are found, not changed.
Recently, I read a headline that said,
“We don’t teach our people to be nice.
We simply hire nice people.”
Wow! What a clever short cut.”
— Jim Rohn
In my leadership career, this quote stood out for me, and what stood out is the first line and that is why I put space between it and the rest of the quote. It says, “good people are found, not changed.” Well, that is a mighty powerful and true enough statement. I surely tried to change a good number of people, and guess what, I don’t know that I changed any of them.
Well, aren’t leaders supposed to change people? Seems like that’s the general idea; however, in my long experience I have found something else powerful about this: only people can change themselves. I cannot change them. It is not up to me. My best hope is that I can appeal to their senses, their interest in having more or being more, and that they might then make a personal decision to go there.
As hard a lesson as this was to learn through many years of trial and consistent error, I finally learned it, and began a constant never-ending process of always having my eyes and ears open for interested talent where ever I might stumble across them. If I found someone that I felt strongly about, I did whatever I could in my power and reason to get them. Many slipped away, yet I retained a sufficient number to prosper anyway.
So, as a leader, here’s my recommendations about this. Number one, realize that people can only change if they want to and they can only change themselves. Two, always do the best I can with what I have to work with and to do so with enthusiasm and spirit. And, three, be always on the hunt for people who are ready for an opportunity, and when I find them, do my best to close the deal.
“Sometimes Those Who Need It The Most Are Inclined The Least.” — Jim Rohn
Spread Some Joy Today–When was the last time you skipped? Or, when was the last time you rode the shopping cart a ways in the parking lot? These are childish naturals that adults have disallowed. Go on. Try it. Who cares? It’s just a bit of joy!
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