Daily Inspiration 10-6-10

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“To a happy person, the formula for happiness is quite simple:
Regardless of what happened early this morning, last week, or last year,
or what may happen later this evening, tomorrow, or three years from now,
now is where happiness lies.”
— Richard Carlson
There is absolutely nothing that will make me happy–no person; no event; no circumstance–it will come and stay only by my own decision for it to be so.
The really good news about that is this: That also means that there is absolutely nothing–no person; no event; no circumstance–that can take it away.
There is such joy and peace in this.
I Am As Happy As I Decide To Be At Any Given Time.
Spread Some Joy Today–Try changing your body language. Try this: Stand up and raise your arms up in the air as far as they will go. Look up and see the tips of your fingers. Now, try to be depressed, or angry, disgusted, or even frustrated. It’s a bit challenging isn’t it? Now sit down and hang your head and try to be full of joy and excitement. Same challenge. An easy way to change your state of mind is to change the state of your body language.
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