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“I would not try to motivate someone. 
I would find someone who is motivated.” 
— Alan Cohen 

I love this quote and also like how Stephen R. Covey stated it: “Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly.”

As I was reading those, my first thoughts were about hiring people to do work. There is a world–seriously, a world of difference between having someone that you feel you have to motivate and having someone who is already motivated. The first is pretty much hopeless, and if not that then helpless.

Then I focused on the words hopeless and helpless, and this caused me to think of homelessness. There have recently been several articles in our local paper about homelessness and what to do about it. The City Council has some grand plans to help these helpless, hopeless people–less because they are in need and more to rid the city of viewing the vagabonds. They call it an eyesore.

This caused me to think that there are many, many programs already in existence to help those in need to go from being homeless back to “normal” life and to help them turn their lives and fortunes around. One of those is a multi-location organization that does this full time including feeding, clothing and rescuing them from their situation.

That brought me back to the motivation quote. When someone wants the work and is interested and even eager, they are a joy to teach and train. They get it. They want it. They respond to it. They do well. When they don’t, it’s an uphill battle. (Jim Rohn said, “The purpose of training is to find out who you’ve got.” I have found that to be so true!) The homeless or any other group or individuals are in that same place. When they want help, help is there all around them. They cannot miss it. When they don’t want help, there is no help to be found because they aren’t looking for it. It seems harsh to say they like where they are, but that is the only truth available. We can give it some other names like helplessness, despair, depression, powerlessness and more, but they are just not ready to change.

Alan Cohen says, “There are two elements to true help: Help must be given and it must be received.” Somehow we blow right past that second part and put all our attention on the former.

He says, “Real change is accomplished only through a shift in consciousness. That shift can be facilitated by money or action, yet authentic transformation runs far deeper than any material element. Healing is an activity of the soul. When the soul is open and ready, the change will come, and not before. Coaxing and pressure rarely work. Creating a field of wisdom and love does.

If you are trying to help someone, be sure they are ready to be helped. Trying too hard to help someone who is not ready to be helped can delay their transformation and deplete you as a helper. . . It is kind to try to help someone. Sometimes it is kinder to give them space to help themselves.” 

The truth of all truths is that we have to want to change in order for us to change. Outside forces can wail at the door, get in our face in so many ways, and tell us the right path to be on, but until they can become us, create from our perspective, their powers are worthless until we decide on our own. When we do, there will be plenty who are willing to be of assistance.

This Applies To Every Single Person On The Planet. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by realizing that all joy comes from within. It is our own choice to have and to share joy.

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