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“When you trust your intuition 
as much as you have trusted your doubts, 
you will really be getting somewhere.” 
— Alan Cohen 

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[Classic post from 5-7-15]

I need to change this great and thoughtful quote above. Here is the new quote:

“When I trust my intuition 
as much as I have trusted my doubts, 
I will really be getting somewhere!”

Over the years, I must have had millions of doubts, and I know for a fact that I trusted them more than my intuition so many times. Yet, luckily, I have also trusted my intuition. I only want to do that more.

Here’s a great quote from Karen Salmansohn:

“Live this day as if. . . 
you were given Super Powers. . . 
to succeed. . . 
at everything you do.” 

I’m On IT! Up, Up, And Away! 

Spread Some Joy Today–Heck. You got Super Powers. No problem!

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