Daily Inspiration 10-4-16

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“Everything you are against 
weakens you. 
Everything you are for 
empowers you.” 

— Wayne Dyer 

This quote by Wayne Dyer leapt off the page when I first saw it this morning. I’ve known this for some time now; however, I’ve never seen it said quite this way, and in this way it is said so powerfully, and clearly.

This is one of the things I dearly love about learning. I can read many things on a subject from many authors, and then I read one that says it just so, and my ultimate goal of understanding it achieved in a moment.

It reminds me of a time when my wife and I had two teenage relatives living with us who were thought to be slow learners because of their grades. They weren’t slow. Lazy, perhaps. But, I really think they weren’t inspired. In school classes with 30-40 kids at a time, it is easy to have several fall by the wayside.

Anyway, we began having some fun with them learning new words, and reading, and having them tell us what they just read, or rather, their understanding of what they read. I’ll never forget one of the words we all learned. It was obsequious. Fascinating word. We found that they could easily repeat or regurgitate what they read, but they weren’t understanding it, so as we played with that, they grew and grew in their learning. What’s more is that they were excited, engaged, having fun doing it. Learning really is fun.

Anything I spend time and energy fighting drains me. Anything I spend time and energy praising inspires me anew. Pushing against something takes a lot of energy, whereas, delighting in something gives me more energy.

As I go through my day finding potholes to complain about, I am like a leaky tire soon to go flat. As I go through my day finding things and people to appreciate, I find that I have increased energy and joy.

Struggle? Ease! Hmmmm. I’ll Take Ease, Thank You! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by opening your eyes to all of the joy that is surrounding you. It has always been there awaiting your attention.

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