Daily Inspiration 10-4-12

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“Instead of outthinking the competition,
it’s worth trying to
outlove them.
Everyone is working hard on
the thinking part,
but few of your competitors
worry about
the art and generosity and
caring part.”

— Seth

The biggest part of my
sales and sales management experience comes from the auto business at
dealerships. All that I worked with over many years were very focused on
competition on many levels. There was the other manufacturers other than your
own, then the same manufacturer at other dealers within a certain geographical
area, and then internal competition also had many levels. It is still much that
way today in dealerships all around the country, and the world for that
They are tripping over
themselves trying to outthink the competition and almost no one in comparison is
trying to outlove. Truth is that they both produce results and so it isn’t easy
to try to convince the competitors to stop competing and make their own. Just
like on the surface it may seem that we can do without the arts in school and so
have allowed much of that to disappear. Yet, it does matter in both areas and it
will matter in the future too.
When it is all about the
money, it is easy to allow that desire, or that drive to overshadow everything
else. Tom Peters tells us to innovate and find new avenues for customer service,
to become the exception to the rule instead of the rule. Few will rise to that
call, yet they that do will find the rewards in it, and it doesn’t require a
sacrifice of the money, but not worshipping it either.
We make these decisions
at every level in our lives and our businesses. I would certainly not want to
tell anyone the way for them, I can only know the way for me. My only hope in
stating any of this is that it be a reminder of the power that we all have to
decide what is best for us. I know that is loving for me. I’m clear on that. My
best to you on your own choices and that they are that clear to

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