Daily Inspiration 10-31-10

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“Out of clutter, find Simplicity.
From discord, find Harmony.
In the middle of difficulty lies Opportunity.”
— Albert Einstein
Life would not expand if we always got what we wanted. To go even deeper, there wouldn’t even be a choice that exists. In order to choose, there must be something to choose from.
The choices don’t have to be so even as dark and light, yes and no, but contrast of one thing that doesn’t feel as good compared with something that feels better allows expansion as well.
From that then, out of clutter, simplicity is possible and if desired will come. From discord, harmony is a possibility if desired. And, as with opportunity always existing within difficulty, born of the contrast, a desire is born that chooses a preference and makes a decision to focus on this instead of that.
Perhaps then at some point, realizing this, expands into accepting it as it is, as it always has been and that there never need be concern again about the clutter, discord or difficulty, for out of them, we learn to pay attention, make choices that feel better, move toward them, and expand.
Out Of What Is, Comes What’s Next.
Spread Some Joy Today–Realize that whatever is happening today, there is opportunity to change. With decision to make a change, comes a whole new reality.
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