Daily Inspiration 10-30-18

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“On some dimension or other, 
every event in life 
can be causing only one of two things: 
either it is good for you, 
or it is bringing up 
what you need to look at 
in order to create good for you. 
Evolution is win-win. . . 
life is self-correcting.” 
— Deepak Chopra 

[Classic post from 9-22-14]

There’s a very popular phrase in recent years: ‘It’s all good!” Can this be true? Well, obviously, it depends on how you look at it and what you’re paying attention to.

I love Deepak Chopra’s way of seeing that it’s all good. Based on this attitude and outlook, the Universe or God is conspiring always in our best interests. Interesting way of looking at it, don’t you think?

Now ask yourself this question: What would my life be like, or how might my life change if I adopted such an outlook on life? What if I believed that no matter what was going on at the moment, that it truly is all good? What if I believed that life really is win-win and not win-lose?

I’m thinking that unless you already had this attitude that your life would change dramatically. Therein lies the possibility of it being all good.

“You Are Not A Drop In The Ocean, But The Ocean In The Drop.” — Deepak Chopra 

Spread Some Joy Today–by looking in the mirror and loving what you see.

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