Daily Inspiration 10-3-16

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“All this worldly wisdom 
was once the unamiable heresy 
of some wise man.” 

— Henry David Thoreau 

In my browsing this morning, I read the quote above and burst out laughing. All this means is that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

I laugh at this because it is fascinating to me how I have stumbled, fell into, found myself in the right place at a very odd time, and hundreds of other ways that I have been guided to in spite of my predilection for something else, and attracted because I am searching for something, even when I may not remember what I was searching for.

Yesterday, I shared insights into Garbrielle Bernstein’s latest book just release, The Universe Has Your Back. She says, “The key to trusting in the Universe’s plan is to let go of all outcomes. When we get hung up about how something “should” turn out, then we disconnect with the flow of universal guidance. The energy behind a “should” mentality is controlling and manipulating. The Universe does not align with that energy. Therefore, we cut off communication and receptivity. It’s when we let go of the outcome that we open up our perceptual worldview and allow ourselves to be led.” 

Of course, it all begins with the desire to know, a desire for something more or different. This is the fuel of living or life itself. The contrast around us causes us to want something. As we become specific about that, we think we should be so specific that we know it all, but that would be within the limits of our own knowing. If however, we allow the Universe, or God to bring exactly that or maybe even something way better, in that releasing to the Universe, we put all the power of the Universe at our disposal.

The thing that we have the most control over is how we want to feel. If we simply stick to that ideal, and give up everything else, we are opening ourselves to magic! I can think of several times in my life where I gave it to God, to the Universe to handle, stating simply what I want from a feeling point of view and I was rewarded with far more than I could have imagined on my own. Far more.

Wanting is life. It is living. We cannot not want. Getting is something we can control if we want to, but when we let it go, let all the resistance go, and give it to the Universe to provide the details, miracles happen.

HOWEVER, truth be told, I have only released full control a few times in comparison. Most of the time, I hold tight to how I think it should turn out. I pay attention to the facts, the reality, that it hasn’t yet come, that my desire may be out of line, it may just be wishful thinking. I change my mind over and over. I let my ego tell me all the reasons why it won’t happen, that I don’t deserve it, not smart enough, or just not enough period. I pay attention to the economy and all the lists in the news about how many things are not right yet, so why should mine be? I try and try, and try, I state that I’m gonna change. When? Tomorrow, of course. I bargain, and I attempt to manipulate.

I am practicing releasing my resistance, but it has to be something powerful to get through that resistance. Of course, what is more powerful than God? I am changing though. I am becoming someone who lets go and allows God more often.

Asking, Then Getting Out Of The Way. 

Spread Some Joy Today–because it is so wonderful–magical really–to see the other’s face light up when you are sharing your joy. It’s as if your joy has become theirs.

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