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“You will never find time for anything.

If you want time you must make it.”

— Charles Buxton

One month ago, I made a decision of decisions to organize my life. I have lived a long time being disorganized. In my office, filing has always been easy for me. It is a method I learned somewhere that I cannot seem to remember. It is a strategy called piles. I look at something, print something, think that I should or want to save it, don’t know where it should be put, or don’t have a good place to put it, so in a nanosecond of frustration, I put it in piles to my right, my left, on top of anything that is flat so that every flat surface in my office is full of piles and clutter. To an organized, good filing person, my office would be a disaster. And, it is. I admit it. And, I am done with it. Finally.

So, one month ago, I bit the bullet and hired a consultant to come in an help me develop systems and procedures that make sense to my unique way of thinking and previous habit patterns. She listens at great length so that she could understand my current strategies and habits and all that is going on in here with several businesses and more. The first meeting was 90% me talking and I thought that this was an interesting strategy on her part. We set an appointment for a month out for me to declutter the office to the point that any better system could potentially work.

The month went by and I did nothing until that last two days before the appointment. I thought about procrastinating and calling her to reschedule, but I remembered that I asked for her help and that I was committed to getting organized. I got it done and yesterday, she spent four hours helping me go through things, change my thinking about what needs to be kept and what doesn’t, how to file things and where and why.

It is here that I have to inject that she didn’t tell me any of these things. Instead, she sort of had me telling her and she just gently guided me to the conclusions that I’m sure she had long ago. What was special and great about this is that is became more like me and not like her. Frankly, I don’t know how she does things and that doesn’t matter at all. How I do things and how I can change to do them better or more efficiently does matter, and the key to the whole thing is creating a new habit pattern so that it will stick.

Now, I must follow through for the next few days to finish what we started, and I am fully committed to seeing it through. I WANT to be organized. I WANT to be uncluttered. I WANT less stuff. I WANT files that work and having better reasons for keeping things and when to finally let them go.

This was more of a process of letting go, than in gaining anything. I think that is an important key to change: a willingness to let go; of past habits, ways of doing things, thought processes. I am learning to let go.

Change Is Good. I Am Eager To Change.

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