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Leadership Week
“The past doesn’t equal the future. All great leaders,
all people who have achieved in any area of life,
know the power of continuously pursuing their vision,
even if all the details of how to achieve it aren’t yet available.”
— Tony Robbins
A leader and a manager are two different tasks and leadership makes more of a difference in the whole of an operation than do managers in my opinion.
Having worked at many different companies and in different positions from a laborer to a mechanic to a salesman to a manager, this has allowed me a depth of experience at observation of leadership and managers at work and how the presence of them, or lack of presence of them mattered to the morale and even the business life itself.
A good leader who is leading will be continuously pursuing their vision, for the company and for themselves. That is the spark that can ignite the spirit in a company, bring people together and get grand things done.
Think about the companies that you have worked with and think about who in them are leaders–those that lead, that communicate the vision, and insure that it is on everyone’s mind. If you have experienced this, then you know what I’m talking about because it makes all the difference in the health of the company.
Some are CEO’s and yet not the leader in the company, and even though others may step into the leadership role, it is better than no leader, but the problem is having full authority and support.
I recommend that those in the position of being the leader by name also become the leader in real life by accepting that role, training for it and expanding that influence, because in my experience the real leaders are few and far between. There is a serious opportunity in this area.
Good Leadership IS Hope AND Confidence.
Spread Some Joy Today–Allow others to be what they are without any requirement that they satisfy you. Love them the way they are.
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