Daily Inspiration 10-29-14

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“As human beings, we are endowed 
with freedom of choice, and we cannot 
shuffle off our responsibility 
upon the shoulders of God or nature. 
We must shoulder it ourselves. 
It is our responsibility.” 

— Arnold J Toynbee 

I love that phrase, “freedom of choice.” I was thinking about freedom of speech and that out of love and respect we allow others to say that which they will. At the same time and within the same love and respect, each of us has the right to choose that which we are willing or interested in hearing. I guess you could say that with freedom of speech, we must accept freedom of attention.

It’s almost election day and for the last couple of weeks, I’ve received a plethora of odd sized flyers and publications about the candidates. Of course, it is them talking about them, and it reminds me of resumes. I think resumes are such a waste and I would never believe one, and for the same reason, I suppose, I feel that way about those political resumes I just mentioned. Blah, blah, blah. How they are crime fighters, baby kissers, independent thinkers, brilliant strategists, all out for jobs, and other such ideals seems to be the way they always approach elections.

That caused me to think that I could care less what they have to say. The thing that might interest me is what they do, and what they have done, and not from their point of view, but my own or that of those I trust.

I like how Ian Percy states, “we judge others by their behavior. We judge ourselves by our intentions.” It seems to be the other way around in most elections.

“Love Is A Choice You Make From Moment To Moment.” — Barbara de Angelis 

Spread Some Joy Today–by remembering that regardless of what is, you always have the choice of what to think, and how to feel. Think joy, feel joy.

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