Daily Inspiration 10-29-11

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“Success is the sum of detail.”
— Harvey S Firestone
One foot in front of my other and I move forward. One action laced to another is progress.
One thing that I have learned to love about my life is in the act of the accumulation of it, and how layer upon layer adds what sometimes seems like nothing much at all, then I look again and see more than I was aware of. Then as I look back I see this long trail or layers–so many even, that I cannot even fully see them as individual layers, but more like clumps or groups of layers.
I’ve gotten to the point that I am excited about the smallest of layers knowing that as one is added to another, there is not only more, but a synergy of more in time. If I decide to do something, I know I can achieve a certain level by just moving and adding layers, and that whatever my speed, which is totally my choosing, the layers will still accumulate in that time.
In that I can do anything I want to do that I will focus on and grow in the experience of. Anything.
Decide. Start Moving. Experience. Grow.
Spread Some Joy Today–Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn or do? The key is deciding, then doing something toward it. The rest will come.
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