Daily Inspiration 10-28-16

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“Words are but the vague shadows 
of the volumes we mean. 
Little audible links, they are, 
chaining together 
great inaudible feelings 
and purposes.” 
— Theodore Dreiser 

Long ago, I read that you can count your intimate friends, those with whom you can speak your heart without fear of embarrassment or other concerns, on just one hand. I now understand this more completely.

I attended an annual event yesterday where I know of a lot of the people there, and many I have also worked with, and some are active clients in my business.

I have almost always been a quiet type of person, uncomfortable in social situations. I used to see these gatherings as a sort of competitive environment of who’s doing well, growing, becoming more, and who is not, who is popular with the many and who is not, and so on.

I can make small speak and listen to small talk, and yet it satisfies me not a bit. So, when I am not being engaged, I’ve done something new. I look at each person in the room and feel love for them. Some of them I hug and feel deep love for, and others I may only have just met, or didn’t even get around to meeting, and I love them already.

If you’ve been reading any of these Daily Inspirations for a while, you know that this idea has been coming on me and in practice for quite some time, but when you realize that you are actually doing it without even thinking about practicing it, well, this is a whole new feeling, and yesterday, this feeling came alive in me.

I think the change within me that has caused all of this to come to pass in all its glory to me is that of those that I can count on one hand, the number one is my inner sense of connection with God, or All-That-Is, or the Universe. From this one connection which I find any time I desire by simply relaxing, letting go of resistance, dropping the rope, I feel somehow connected to all, each in their different body suits, and manners. It is a strangely mystical and absolutely delightful feeling.

I love Theodore Dreiser’s quote above because it speaks to me of how I used to feel at these kinds of events, seeing people once a year, or with even more space in between sightings. And, even though mostly those inaudible feelings and purposes go typically unexpressed, I find a way to express some of those feelings and thoughts with one or two or three regardless. But, even that doesn’t really matter because they already knew.

There Is A Far Deeper Connection With Each Other In All Of Us. Relax In Its Glory. 

Spread Some Joy Today–OK. Let’s call today, Joy Day 1. Tomorrow will be Joy Day 2. String a few more of those together and you’ve got a Joy Month, then a Joy Year, then a Joyous Life.

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