Daily Inspiration 10-28-13

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“You don’t see other people as they are.

You see your idea of who they are.”

— Alan Cohen

This quote is simple enough and I’m sure that we all sort of get that, but yet we don’t. Other people probably have a similar list of idiosyncrasies that we do, except they may not be the same. They have their likes and dislikes as we do, but they may be totally different likes and dislikes. When we think of all that is going on in our own lives, we can imagine that there is a lot going on in other peoples lives, although those many things may be similar or different.

If we can appreciate the depth and complications of our own lives, we may very well give more slack to our view of other people and what they have to deal with. It is one way to define compassion. We appreciate and respect that depth that we know in ourselves in others and we’re totally okay with whatever the differences may be.

Knowing all that is going on in our own lives, I’ll bet that you really appreciate kindness when it comes your way from another, and because of that and how you feel in receiving it, the best way to repay such love is by your own kindness to others.

“I Will Be Generous With My Love Today. I Will Sprinkle Compliments And Uplifting Words Everywhere I Go. I Will Do This Knowing That My Words Are Like Seeds And When They Fall On Fertile Soil, A Reflection Of Those Seeds Will Grow Into Something Greater.” — Steve Maraboli

Spread Some Joy Today–Great idea!

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