Daily Inspiration 10-28-11

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“I have a resistance to change in things
that I feel comfortable with and that I’m used to.”
— Dennis Quaid
“Men become accustomed to poison by degrees.”
— Victor Hugo
Maybe you can relate to this. . .
My computer was six or so years old and I use it almost every day–especially in the last few years running an Internet business–it gets a lot of use. My flat screen monitor was giving me fits and starts and I would turn it on just right and it would work great. Then it got slower and slower and finally it didn’t come on any more. Monitors are so cheap now, what was I waiting for? Sure, we’re a small business and we watch our expenses, but hanging on to stuff that isn’t working doesn’t make any good sense, right? I mean, most people would get that, I’m sure, but I was holding on. . .
I finally went out of dire necessity and bought a monitor. Just the basic one, of course.
Back to my computer. This thing is slow and getting slower. I don’t play games or any of that, but I’m opening programs and uploading photos, video and all sorts of things we need in our business and it’s going slower all the time. I sort of get used to it, know what I mean? So finally, it’s lethargic, so I take it to the computer shop and they de-virus it and clean out my registries and all that geek stuff. It’s better, but very slow.
So, I talk to Comcast. They convince me of the virtue of Business Class and I go for it. They finally come and set it up, its still so slow. Call the computer guy. There’s a bus problem. (Truly I think it should go under the bus. . .). It gets last rights. I go buy a new computer, bigger, faster, better. It’s hooked up and it is greased lightning! So fast I don’t know how to act. It’s awesome.
I could go on. . . Well, one more. . .
I have this chair I sit in. Nice chair, but easily 8 years old and not what it used to be. My partner prods me to buy a new one. He finds a deal and we buy it. I love it. What a difference! Who knew?
It seems that this happens a lot to me. I get used to poor performance. I get used to the keys sticking on certain letters so I learn to hit that letter harder. Little by little I get used to inferior products, worn out products, bad service, poor communication skills, being put on hold, people not calling you back, and the list could go on. I don’t focus here, but it’s here and I learn to accept and endure.
But I don’t have to. . .
Those investments in the computer, monitor, keyboard, chair, new book, audio program, whatever, are investments in my growth, my better productivity, my sanity, my peace and my joy.
Oh, How Easily We Can Become Dull Blades When The Sharpener Is So Near. . .
Spread Some Joy Today–Just go get that thing or things that is going to put the fast back in speed. You’ll notice the difference immediately and wonder what took you so long. . . or is that just me?
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