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“If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, 
you would never think a negative thought.” 
— Peace Pilgrim 

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[Classic post from 6-5-15]

I was looking for an image for another subject of these Daily Inspirations, when I saw the image above and the words in the image, Positive Attracts Positive. Of course, the word attract instantly had me thinking about the Law of Attraction. And, I thought there are so many people who don’t really understand this Universal Law or don’t believe in it or think it is something they need to think about. It’s none of that. It just is. It doesn’t matter if anyone believes in it because it just is. It doesn’t matter if you see it working in your life or not, but it is. It simply and beautifully is.

When I read the line, Positive Attracts Positive, I also immediately thought of the opposite of that, in that, Negative Attracts Negative. Both are true because the definition or explanation of the Law of Attraction is simply this: That which is like unto itself is drawn. And, to take it just a step further, That which is like unto itself is drawn, and with more energy, it is drawn with more speed. In the case of thoughts, this would be the amount of emotion applied to the thought.

As we think a thought, the Law of Attraction begins to offer other thoughts, helps to line us up with situations, other people, events that match that thought. As more emotion is felt, those match-ups are made more quickly.

You could say that the Law of Attraction is neutral. What I mean by that is that it makes no judgment whatsoever whether the thought is positive or negative, good or bad, or anything else. It simply acts on the thought. Consequently, if we are thinking negatively, we are sure to draw more negativity to us and the Law of Attraction will help out, and with more emotion about that, more will be drawn more quickly. Of course, the exact same proposition is in positive thought, or a mixture of thoughts.

When I came to really understand this powerful Law, I could immediately see depression and how someone can be depressed and have it so strong that it is considered an illness. It is simply thoughts run amok with the massive assistance of the Law of Attraction. And, as long as those thoughts are in that place of negativity, the Law of Attraction is being of assistance. As we go with the flow of that, we experience more feelings of despair, fear, grief, and powerlessness.

The bonus is that it is also true in the positive arena. As we find some joy, some delight, something or someone to appreciate, the Law of Attraction goes immediately to work on bringing more like thoughts, lining us up with people who are helpful, situations where more great things happen, events that surprise and amaze us. And, as we go with the flow of that, we experience more love, freedom, joy, appreciation, and empowerment.

It is easier to see this Law at work in others than to see it in our own lives; although, once we can see it clearly in others, it becomes easier to see it in ourselves. You can see it in how people talk, how they act, who they hang with, and so much more. Try it. As you see people at work or in other areas of your life, watch them, listen more closely to the theme of their communication, the words they choose, their complaints or praise, their actions, and their results. It will jump out at you once you look for it. It is amazing to watch and to understand that it is at work all the time in every one of us, and it all comes down to our own offering of thought.

Your emotions will guide you so that you need not pay a lot of attention to what you are thinking. If you are not feeling good, you are attracting negatively. If you are feeling good, you are attracting positively. If you are not feeling good, and then you notice that, now you have the opportunity to change. Or not. Either way, we are totally in control whether we do that on purpose or by default in not paying any attention at all.

Well-Being Is Our Natural State. Anything Else Is Simply Resistance. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by being awake to your emotions and your intuition.

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