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“The cure for boredom is curiosity.

There is no cure for curiosity.”

— Dorothy Parker

Tell me I’m not the only one on the earth who focuses in on how many times people push the street crossing button. I’ll be stopped at a light and watching someone at the crosswalk who is pressing the button to get the light to cross safely. The curious part is how many times pushing that button is optimal.

I see some press once and let life come as it will. These are the bold and they are also the few. I see some who press about once each second until the light changes. These are the worried, the unsure, the insecure. They hope that by pressing so often, it is a guarantee that there will be no malfunction to keep them waiting for another light change. Who wants that?

Then I see some who press several times–beep, beep, beep, beep. Then they wait a short burst, then, beep, beep, beep, they go again. This was like the couple with the child today. They were riding bicycles and the child was on an extension of the father’s bike (I’m assuming it was the father), then the second bike was the female partner. He beeped, four or five times, then looked forward in anticipation, then reached back again and beeped four or five more times, then again forward in anticipation. Then once more, beep, beep, beep, beep, and finally the light changed and they were on their way.

Who knows what the optimal number is, the frequency; that is, the timing, and then timing of the whole event. Did they get there late or were they at the optimal time? Who knows if these city things work or don’t work? There must have been a time for the multi-pushers when the thing didn’t work according to plan. Or maybe, a friend told them that they had to press the button numerous times or it wouldn’t work right.

Who knows?

What is your crosswalk button pushing theory?

It’s amazing the time I burn with such interesting curiosity. . .

Impatient Are We?

Spread Some Joy Today–Press once and trust. Who knows? It could work. . .

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