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“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare,
it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”

— Seneca
The hardest part of moving forward I have found is in expecting things to improve while I hold on to the problems. I know for certain that I am not alone in this situation and I am certain that you have seen it as well. You want improvement, let’s say more business, but. . . you continue to regurgitate the conditions of the economy, the lack of capital, the sad sales staff, the lack of prospects coming in, the current Governor, or elected official, and the list just goes on and on. That, is the definition of insanity as professor Einstein saw it: “doing the same things (or thinking the same things, seeing the same things, focusing on the problems), and expecting a different result.”
I know this so well I could teach it, and. . . matter of fact, I have; although it was not on purpose because that wouldn’t make any sense. To say I didn’t know any better would be accurate, and without real excuse.
Truth is that it is still with me today, yet I have started moving away from this method of change to a better place a few years ago. It just takes some people longer than others. How valuable this would be to train children from the beginning!
Now, though I want something different, better, or improved, I sometimes find myself also arguing for my limitations by admitting, accepting, acknowledging, or replaying the problems, or the reasons why it is not working yet. As I learn to let go of the problems and only focus on the improvement, I will succeed in my goal of change. Until then, it will be an if-come-maybe at best.
I know I know that I get caught up in the difficulties and how that causes me to not be so daring with my thinking, yet I also know that the daring when released will find little or no difficulties in its way. I am reminded almost daily by the sign I posted on my wall about two years ago: “What is MY job. How is GOD’s job.” Whenever I try to do His job, I find difficulty and lose my enthusiasm. When I focus on my job exclusively, I find little successes, and larger and larger successes just coming from somewhere unknown as if they just came up out of thin air.
I’m getting my bearings and my daring!
When Something Seems To Be Frustrating Or Hard, That Is A Perfect Sign That I’m Trying To Do God’s Job. It Is Really So Much Easier When I Do MINE.
Spread Some Joy Today–Try letting go of what you cannot control today. Just for one day. Don’t try anymore to fix what you cannot fix. Don’t fret about what you cannot change. Just let it all be the way it is and let go of any responsibility for it or the outcome. Now, instead, just focus on what you like today. Do that only.
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