Daily Inspiration 10-26-14

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“Almost all absurdity of conduct 
arises from the limitation 
of those whom we cannot resemble.” 

— Samuel Johnson 

You see the lives of well known people such as, Steve Jobs, and others who found their place in life and continued on that path to greatness. On a more personal scale, we might see those in our family or from our list of friends who find something they are good at and then they do that all their lives becoming experts at what they do.

Often when we might think of these people, we might think they had passion for what they did and that drove them on toward greatness. It does make sense that they would have a passion for what they were doing and even though it might be a life-long passion, we find that even more endearing.

I had this thought the other day that I have had a number of mini-passions, rather than one lifelong passion. I had a passion for playing guitar and singing; albeit without lessons, but it was a mini-passion. Then I had a passion for songwriting, and then recording music, working sound reinforcement, then just being a musician. I had a passion to sell things on eBay and get a shooting star rating. I’ve had a mini-passion for commercial trucks, teaching, being a sales manager, writing a book, being a husband, and the list goes on.

What I’ve come to find is that these mini-passions are just perfect for me. If we really looked at Steve Jobs, we might find that he too had a lot of mini-passions, yet so many along a certain path, yet off the path enough that it wasn’t one long passion.

In addition, as I look at what I’ve read about Steve Jobs and his life, it was adversity that caused his real rise to fame. It was getting fired from Apple that led to his greatness because it caused him to become great within himself. I can relate to that because I’ve had a similar situation where I got fired and it led me to places I never would have thought of and all of them a substantial improvement.

So, where ever you find yourself, I think allowing the passions within you to express themselves is perfect and being concerned about whether they have a long lasting presence is a waste of energy. Go with the flow however long it lasts and move on to the new passion. I’m hoping that with myself and with you that those passionate thoughts will keep a steady stream of excitement and suspense.

A Long Time Ago, A Friend Said To Me: “When The Surf Is Up, Hang Ten!” It Is Still Great Advice. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Choose to have some fun today. It is always that easy.

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