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“A lot of companies focus on the next big thing.
They latch on to what’s hot and new.
They follow the latest trends and technology.
The core of your business should be built
around things that won’t change.”

— Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson
from the book, Rework.
This quote restates the exact same advice we give to all of our clients and we are in the Internet business. But, we are not technology-oriented. We are sales-oriented. Everything that we do is focused on the idea of helping our clients grow their business, practice, sales, and influence, and certainly not about technological tricks and schemes to get on page one of Google and every other search engine.
I see many people who end up serving technology instead of it serving them.
Some of our clients want their website to do all their selling, closing deals, collection funds, and more for them, and we say that it is far better to get them to call you so you can actually communicate with them. This way there is an opportunity to develop a relationship, answer questions, upsell, get referrals, and so much more. None of that happens in an automatic environment.
It is far better to build a tribe of dedicated followers than to be on page one of Google. It is far better to provide good, interesting and effective content (text, video, audio, and more) than to be number one on Google. If you’re getting my drift, being number one on Google is not all its professed to be.
Often we will ask a client this stark question: ‘Let’s say that you are number one on Google and someone clicks on the link and lands on your website. Now what? What will they find? How will it help them? What do you suppose they are looking for? Is there a good way to communicate with them?
It is the simplest things that are overlooked. I just went to a Chiropractic website this morning for my favorite Chiropractor (we didn’t build their site) and there aren’t even any hours. That is why I went there. I wanted to know how early they open. Silly to not have the hours, don’t you think? Or some people have the phone number on the contact us page and nowhere else. Strange.
All this reminds me of being a sales manager and teacher for so many years. Almost all the salespeople wanted to know more about closing sales. I used to preach that the close is a natural result of building a relationship and matching product and service with need and desire. Recently I went to an all day seminar that was all about closing techniques and tricks. What a waste of time. If that is sales, I want no part of it. Fortunately, I know that this is just not the case and it is also someone taking full advantage of what salespeople want to hear.
Focusing on the basics; the fundamentals that never change is the best path. These things were valid in the year 986 and they will be valid in the year 4567 regardless of the technological changes. I recommend using the technology that serves you to insure the fundamentals are the focus and not the technology.
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