Daily Inspiration 10-26-10

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“Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear,
but around in awareness.”
— James Thurber
Some may view this quote as a trite phrase, and I totally understand that. It looks like one of those idealistic phrases that sounds so good and yet is very hard to do. And, it is hard depending on where we come from and the training we’ve had and the pain we’ve packed away inside.
Yet. . . it is so absolutely insightful and true that now–right now–is all there really is and if we pay attention to right now (awareness) we can avoid looking back in anger or forward in fear, for there is only now.
Fear rules the largest part of many of our lives. I know it ruled mine for a very long time and I can see it ruling others as it did me. It makes life a crap shoot at best. The anger is also the same in that it rules lives so easily. Sure, I get angry, but nothing like I used to and when I do now, I know how to come out of that state pretty quickly with some self-talk looking for ways I can feel just a little bit better with each thought until the anger has been diffused.
So, I’m on this bandwagon of looking around in awareness. I am enjoying the practice of focusing there instead of my old habit patterns. Who knew that it could be so much fun and enjoyment to change?
I Focus On Feeling As Good As I Can Possibly Feel In The Moment. There Is No Benefit To Feeling Bad. There Is Nothing But Benefit To Feeling Good.
Spread Some Joy Today–How easily we forget the value of practice. Whether it is the violin, the piano, speaking in public, memorizing your lines in a play or movie, being a leading-edge physician, there is accumulating value in practice. So it is with feeling good, finding the best thoughts, enjoying the moments, lifting people up, experiencing joy. There is no fail in practice, it is only improvement, improvement, improvement.
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