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“Crime panel finds 
pockets of despair.” 
— Headline from the 9-13-14 issue 
of the Fairfield CA Daily Republic newspaper 

[Classic post from 9-14-14]

I receive the daily local newspaper, not to get news, but to see any advertisements for our clients and to see any articles that we might spread on their behalf. When I opened it up this morning the headline said Crime panel finds pockets of despair. At first glance, I thought, are they serious? Then I just broke out in laughter for several minutes. Really? Pockets of despair?

What made me laugh the longest were the three photos of politicians on the panel that had smiling faces as if they finally found the problem. Then they went into several of the underlying issues contributing to the pockets of despair. Are you ready? It is single mothers. The offenders were raised by single mothers. Well, there you have it, folks–it’s the single mother issue as if getting rid of single mothers would solve anything.

They are ready now to present this wonderful package of crime panel findings to the City Council on Tuesday. I’ll bet they will be amazed at the report. They also add that “the commission was impressed with the comprehensive crime-fighting employed by the police and they were praised for the department’s forward thinking.

So, now we know the problem and the solution: Single mothers and forward thinking police. Then, they get into more of the same old blah, blah, blah as if this blah wasn’t enough. They had to have a whole commissioned panel to get to the bottom of this.

OK, enough of the sarcasm, but I just couldn’t help it. It’s hilarious. One more quote: “The city will never have the fiscal resources necessary for an all-out war on crime.” As if wars have ever solved anything in the entire history of humankind.

The real thing is that crime is not something to fight, nor drugs, cancer, bullying, and the list is endless in today’s world. Fighting these things only strengthens them. Creating more awareness about them only makes them stronger and more well-known. It doesn’t solve the problem but only makes it worse.

Single mothers don’t create criminals. Some criminals have single moms. It’s simpler than we make it, but not necessarily easy. The only thing that will change any of this is thinking differently by choosing better thoughts, which helps us make better choices and by being aware that we alone are responsible for our thinking and our actions. It’s not about fighting against but turning toward the solution and the solution will always be based on what we think. Teach that on a massive scale starting with ourselves and we will be on to a far better world.

Pockets Of Despair? What A Limited Focus! Change The Thoughts From Fear To Love And Change A Bit Of The World. One Pocket At A Time. What’s In Your Pocket? 

Spread Some Joy Today–by turning your eyes to the thriving world; the enthusiastic world; the loving world. Joy doesn’t attack. It is simply a choice.

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